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J.R. Smith Heads Back to School

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Two-time NBA Champion J.R. Smith made his college golf debut for North Carolina A&T and while there's room for improvement in his game, he undoubtedly brought attention in ways that few others could. His final round 79 was perhaps his most impressive given a surprise encounter he had along the way. 

The Sports Illustrated team went into the lab, crunched the numbers and came away with a projected top-10 in the PGA Tour's Player Impact program which will reward the 10 most "impactful" players in the sport with a share of $40 million. You might recognize a few on the list. 

A recent announcement from the USGA and R&A regarding driver lengths left many players unphased but has certainly drawn the ire of one major champion who not coincidentally is in the running for his own slice of the PIP pie.

 All this and more in this week's episode of Up and Down.