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SI All-American: Top Wide Receivers in the Class of 2021

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After compiling several months worth of data in addition to cycling back for a closer look at the 2019 football season, SI All-American has put pen to paper at each position group.

As we work towards the preseason SI99, ranking the top college football prospects regardless of position, establishing a top 10 ahead of the 2020 season for each position group plays paramount. For the pass catching group, the wide receiver position is next


Marvin Harrison Jr., Philadelphia (Pa.) St. Joseph’s Prep

6-foot-4, 185 pounds

Committed to Ohio State

Given his name, a lot has been expected of the son of an NFL Hall of Famer but Harrison has backed up the hype at every chance. He's got great size, length and expected polish to his game that creates quite the mismatch at the prep level. With just enough speed and strong finishing ability away from his body also factored in, his floor is among the best in America at any position. Harrison can tempo, alter his stems and shows ability to sell coverage with subtle head fakes and bends during route phases. He can still add some mass and overall strength and explosion in his lower half, which may couple nicely with a lower center of gravity once he lines up as a Buckeye.

Troy Franklin, Atherton (Calif.) Menlo

6-foot-1, 175 pounds

Committed to Oregon

A long and speedy deep threat, Franklin has grown and filled out some since his junior season and it has to have Oregon fans excited. He profiles as one of the most lethal vertical options in the country, commanding off-man and zone concepts against him. It enables for great quick game opportunities which pair nicely with his instincts and elusiveness in the open field. Otherwise, this lengthy Californian can take the top off of defenses with an incredible stride and seemingly effortless change of direction ability evident on deep routes and especially after the catch. Simply put, Franklin can go.