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A Hartless Thrasher

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Maybe Don Waddell should have looked at the situation Bob Hartley was in before firing him.

You can't lose players like Tkachuk and expect to come bursting out of the gate.

First off, the Thrashers opened their 2007-8 season against the Capitals, who are a team in the Southeast, as well, who on any given night can upset any team with their offensive talent.

The list goes on from loses to there rival in Tampa, to the high powered Sens. The only win the Thrashers picked up in regulation was versus a struggling, under achieving Rangers squad, then added a shootout win against the Leafs.

Marian Hossa was injured for most of the start of the season and Kovalchuk is just starting to get going.

Hartley wasn't the only one with no confidence in Lehtonen; the team, as well, was not impressed with his early struggles.

The Thrashers made the playoffs for the first time last year, but showed that even with snipers Kovalchuk, Hossa, Kozlov and Tkachuk the team lacked in goal and defensive style play.

With or without Hartley, the chances of the Thrashers returning to the post-season are highly unlikely, unless Don Waddell makes something happen.

- Kevin Hill, Montreal