Analysis: Chelios/Meehan feud far from over

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About the only thing that’s safe to say regarding the war of words – and perhaps, lawsuits – between Chris Chelios and high-profile player agent Don Meehan is this: it’s far from over.

Regardless of whether anything comes of the legal warnings Meehan recently sent out to his former client and media, it is clear Chelios does not easily forget or forgive those he believes to be in the wrong.

In his first press conference as new NHL Players’ Association leader, Paul Kelly even made reference to Chelios’ vigilance and tenacity in following through on past issues he sees as being of paramount importance to the union and the league.

"If Chris Chelios decides to pursue the fight,” Kelly said, “I will be right there with him.”

Chelios has never shied away from a showdown before. Something tells me he won’t this time, either. The gloves may not be off just yet, but the laces on them grow looser by the day.



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