Avoid these Sabres games (because they'll be wearing their newest ugly jersey)

The Buffalo Sabres have had fantastic and, well, "unfantastic" jerseys in their time and we're about to see more of the latter.
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The Hockey News

The Hockey News

The Buffalo Sabres have had

fantastic and, well, "

unfantastic" jerseys in their time and we're about to see more of the latter. We all knew this was going to happen ever since the Sabres unveiled their new third jersey in September - but we still hoped the day would never come. The Sabres announced their newest ugly jersey will debut this Sunday, Nov. 24, at home against the Detroit Red Wings. One of the best jerseys against one of the worst. Talk about tanking: the Sabres don't even care about the style point. (



released the entire schedule for when they'll wear the new duds, which look like they were sewn together by three blindfolded people without any consultation. So, if you care at all about your eyesight, steer clear of these Sabres games: November 24 vs. Detroit Red Wings November 27 vs. Montreal Canadiens December 5 vs. New York Rangers December 14 vs. Calgary Flames January 4 vs. New Jersey Devils January 14 vs. Philadelphia Flyers February 5 vs. Pittsburgh Penguins March 16 vs. Montreal Canadiens April 1 vs. New Jersey Devils April 8 vs. Detroit Red Wings



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