Ben Bishop updates his Tron-style design for awesome Team USA mask

Ben Bishop went back to the well and teamed up with his mask designer for the World Cup of Hockey. The result was an eye-popping Team USA lid that makes use of the same glow in the dark technology as his Tampa Bay Lightning helmet.
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The Hockey News

Tampa Bay Lightning goaltender Ben Bishop’s mask is one of the most unique in the NHL. Using a technology called GLOW Tech FX, Bishop’s mask is as eye-popping as any in the league, lighting up when the arena goes dark and showing off the mask’s design.

Bishop’s mask was designed by DaveArt’s David Gunnarsson, and the idea behind the original mask was to make the design pop like the neon trail left behind by the motorcycle-style vehicles from the Tron series. The original mask design was a hit and looks absolutely awesome, with the designs looking as good in a bright area as it does in the dark.

So with the World Cup of Hockey on the horizon, Bishop and Gunnarsson decided to team up again. And using the idea that if a design isn’t broke, there’s no reason to fix it, Gunnarsson produced a Tron-style Team USA mask for Bishop that makes use of GLOW Tech FX to perfection once again. Check it out:

Really excited to rock this at the World Cup in September! Thanks DaveArt

— Ben Bishop (@Benbishop30) July 23, 2016

The design of the mask itself is awesome, especially the matte finish the mask appears to have. Gunnarsson also making use of the Lightning logo underneath the design is a nice touch and a good tip of the cap to Bishop’s NHL home.

But for as good as the design looks early in the video, it looks even better when the GLOW Tech FX is shown doing its thing. The crown of Bishop’s mask with the USA shield looks outstanding with the glowing paint job and the design is crisp and clean.

Bishop only has one year left on his contract and there’s a good chance he’ll be moving on from Tampa Bay ahead of the 2017-18 season, but wherever he does land, here’s hoping he and Gunnarsson team up again to bring yet another glowing mask into existence.

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