Bettman blackballs real fans

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Greg Sawatsky, Stoney Creek, Ont.

As a life-long, die-hard hockey fan, I will admit the NHL's actions are making me dislike the league more and more each day. It isn't due to the fact I am from Hamilton and they are blocking us from getting a team. I would feel the same if it were Quebec City or even Kansas City in the same boat.

It is because Gary Bettman forces everyone to bow down to him and do as he says. If anything is ruining the game, it is the old boys’ club that runs the league, not Jim Balsillie.

The NHL has to be the only business in the history of capitalism that doesn't want to make more money and I am pretty sick and tired of Bettman's excuses about keeping teams in places that lose tens of millions a year.

It may be time to watch more Ontario League games than NHL games this season, where it is about the game and not blackballing those who love it.