Billboard of hometown hero Bruin Recchi gets change of clothes to blue, green

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KAMLOOPS, B.C. - If the hometown boy happens to play for the wrong team heading into the Stanley Cup finals, he and his image should expect to be taken in vain.

Officials at Kamloops' Royal Inland Hospital Foundation suspected that might happen after the Boston Bruins clinched the Stanley Cup playoff spot against the Vancouver Canucks.

Mark Recchi, a local hockey hero, has been offering up his image clad in the black-and-gold Bruins uniform in support of the hospital on a billboard outside the hospital.

But sometime Friday night, someone decided he needed a change of clothes and put a Canucks jersey over Recchi's Bruins one.

Veronica Carroll sits on the hospital foundation's executive and says she wasn't surprised, and in fact was a little impressed at the prank.

"I though it was really creative," she said.

"We took photos of it and people let us know that this is what had happened. We put it on our Facebook page. We just knew, once Boston had clenched on Friday night, we knew that we were in for it."

The foundation has ensured Recchi's image is back in its original colours and the billboard hasn't been damaged. (CFJC)



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