Brodeur deserves more credit for shootout wins

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Marty Brodeur's passing of Patrick Roy on the all-time wins list seems to have brought out a lot of sour asterisk-advocates upset over Brodeur's shootout wins.

Am I missing something here? Shootout wins are more dependent than any other on a goalie's individual skill.

Brodeur's sterling record in them is a strong rebuttal to those who give the Devils defense all the credit for his incredible success.

OK, so eliminating the tie gave Brodeur extra opportunities to win - but even if you add Brodeur's 41 shootout appearances to his total games played, Brodeur broke the record with 552 wins in 1009 "opportunities" compared to Roy's 551 in 1026 "opportunities."

And 27 of Brodeur's wins came from outdueling another goaltender 1-on-1.

Paul Cuneo, Montclair, N.J.