'Brooklyn Hockey': Barclays Center trademarks new logos before Islanders' arrival next season

The Islanders are moving to Brooklyn next season, and the arena they're moving to has filed for trademarks on new logos – and brand new colors – the team is expected to use for their alternate jerseys.
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The Hockey News

The Hockey News

The New York Islanders aren't about to give up their franchise's name
when the team moves to Brooklyn next season. However, it looks as if the team will have a third jersey that fits in with the colors of the NBA's Brooklyn Nets – and that doesn't include "Islanders" on it. As evidence, consider that the Barclays Center has recently applied
for trademarks on new logos, both of which only use the phrase "Brooklyn Hockey", while using a black-and-white that
match the Nets' uniforms: (Via
The Sporting News and
Nets Daily)

Barclays CEO Michael Yormark
said in 2013 the team would have an alternate jersey, and these latest trademarks suggest the team has a good idea of the brand it intends to build – even if it has to be built around the
Islanders' famous name and colors.



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