Can you see what I can't?

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Geoff Rosenthal, Richboro, Penn.

As an Avalanche fan residing in Philadelphia, I feel helpless when I look over the NHL schedule. Not only won't the Avs be coming to Philly, they will also not visit Washington, New Jersey or New York.

With 30 teams and 82 games, there is absolutely no reason why every team should not visit every building every year.

Recently, a hockey analyst commented that Joe Sakic didn't receive the fanfare he deserved upon retirement because he was relatively unknown on the East Coast.

For the league's eighth leading scorer to be relatively unknown by half of America is a travesty.

Unfortunately, if the league does not address this issue, superstars such as Ryan Getzlaf and Jarome Iginla will meet the same fate as Sakic.

Please, NHL, for the sake of your players and for the sake of your fans, wake up and give us every team every year.