Canada's golden boy should be Luongo

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Curtis Crawford, Kingston, Ont.

If Canada wants to win gold at the Olympics, they better take Roberto Luongo as their No. 1 goalie.

Martin Brodeur will do fine against the Americans, Finns and lower-level teams because Canada will only give up maybe two quality scoring chances a game.

When Canada plays Russia or Sweden, however, they're going to need a goalie who can stand on his head and steal the game for them if needed.

In the ‘02 Olympics, the only game Canada was outplayed was against the Swedes and Curtis Joseph was the guy who got blamed for the 5-2 loss and had Brodeur take his spot the next game.

In the ‘04 World Cup, Canada walked through the competition except the game against the Czechs where they got outplayed and gave up more than 40 shots. It's just lucky for Canada that Brodeur was hurt for that game and Luongo came in to save the tournament for Canada.

In the ‘06 Olympics, Brodeur finally saw some tough games and we all know how that turned out!

It's not entirely Brodeur’s fault Canada didn't finish well in the Olympics, but he still didn't come through with the big saves when Canada needed them the most.

You can list all Brodeur’s awards, but the bottom line is he doesn't steal games like Luongo does.



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