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Canucks' Zack Kassian saves too many men call by joining the Blues

Vancouver Canucks winger Zack Kassian wanted to make sure his team didn't have to kill off a needless penalty, so he made a split second decision to join the St. Louis Blues.
The Hockey News

The Hockey News

There’s never been any doubt that hockey players, like all professional athletes, will do anything they can to help their team to victory.

Be it lying down in front of blistering slapshots, taking a monster body check to make a play, or pulling out some teeth to stay on the bench, hockey players want to make a difference for their team. The last thing they want to do is provide the opposition with a costly power play or make a mistake that their teammates have to pay for.

All of these things could help explain why Zack Kassian became a temporary member of the St. Louis Blues bench on Thursday night:

In an attempt to save his Vancouver Canucks from going a man short for on account of too many men on the ice, the swift-thinking Kassian leapt into the Blues bench and got up close and personal with some members of the opposition.

For those scoring at home, make sure to deduct some points from Kassian for the sloppy dismount. As he went to jump to safety, Kassian got tied up – albeit, for only a few seconds – with the Blues’ Steve Ott. One could surmise they weren’t exchanging pleasantries.

Kassian did end up saving the Canucks from going down a man, and Vancouver would go on to win the contest 4-1 over the hometown Blues.



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