Check out Ben Bishop’s new, luminescent Tron Lightning mask

Mix the classic sci-fi movie Tron with incredible glowing neon paint and you get Ben Bishop’s new mask. When viewed in the dark, Bishop’s mask lights up, allowing the incredible design and detail pop even more.
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The Hockey News

The Hockey News

At 6-foot-7, 214 lbs.,

Ben Bishop is a hard guy to miss. Thanks to his new mask design, it's even easy to spot him in the dark. Bishop, Tampa Bay’s number one netminder, teamed up with DaveArt’s David Gunnarsson for an incredible new lid that makes use of Gunnarsson’s GLOW Tech FX that he’s been using quite a bit lately. The GLOW Tech FX paint allows the mask to glow in the dark, and Bishop’s mask makes such great use of the technology that you could see him from a mile away.

If the mask reminds you of the movie

Tron: Legacy, good eye. The idea behind the mask,

writes Gunnarsson, was to come up with a design that was full of lightning bolts, shining bright with neon, much in the way the motorbikes from Tron leave a neon trail wherever they go. Bishop has yet to wear the mask in game action, but the team doesn’t take the ice again until Friday against the Chicago Blackhawks. When the lights go out during the pregame, keep your eye on Bishop and maybe you can catch a glimpse of his new, glowing mask.

The Hockey News

The Hockey News



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