Check out John Gibson's new Pac-Man mask - it has holograms!

Anaheim Ducks goalie John Gibson had an incredible new mask design unveiled this weekend. Come for the excellent Pac-Man throwback, stay for the Duck logo holograms.
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The Hockey News

The Hockey News

Next season, the Anaheim Ducks are slated to have Frederik Andersen as the starter with freshly signed Jason LaBarbera as his backup. But John Gibson, who showed he’s pretty much ready for the big time with his play down the stretch and in the playoffs.

His numbers are good enough, but if style points count for anything, Gibson is definitely NHL ready.

Ye another fantastic David Gunnarsson project, Gibson’s mask is a pixelated throwback to classic Pac-Man days.

From Gunnarsson’s Facebook page:

"Today we have the pleasure to present the new mask for Anaheim Ducks goalie John Gibson. And this mask is something totally unique… it is transformed into the classic video game Pac-Man… and instead of the yellow eating dot, here it is a Ducks mask eating the smaller dots, so let us introduce the Pac-Duck mask! A nice tribute to the classic video game. Hey Pac-Duck, watch out for the ghosts!"

But as much as we love the Pac-Man design, that’s not even the coolest part of this design. There is one design element on this mask that’s not pixelated, but it’s not instantly noticeable. There’s a Ducks logo on the side, hidden by the fact it’s a hologram. Check this out:

With the NHL season only three months away – and training camps only two months away – goalie mask unveilings for 2014-15 will start happening in greater frequency, and we can’t wait to see what else Gunnarsson has in store.

Your move, Tetris Eriksson.

We’re loving the Pac-Man look. What do you think?

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