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Chicago Blackhawks executive brings Stanley Cup home for visit in Nova Scotia

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ANTIGONISH, N.S. - Stanley Cup fever hit the Nova Scotia town of Antigonish on Tuesday, making an appearance with a hometown boy who's an official with the champion Chicago Blackhawks.

Al MacIsaac, the club's senior director of hockey administration, took the cup to several local businesses and a nursing home.

He said local residents were thrilled to see the storied hardware.

"We got to town hall, we're now on the main street and cars were stopping, people were hanging out of their windows saying, 'Can I get a photo?'" said MacIsaac.

"They're stopping traffic but nobody cared, there was no hurry up and move, none of that. They were all just standing there glancing, glaring at the same time—kind of enjoying the moment."

The trophy was also to be available for viewing at St. Francis Xavier University and a local pub.

It's the second time in recent years the Stanley Cup has come to the small town in the province's northeast.

In 2008, Detroit Red Wings assistant coach Paul MacLean brought the Cup back to his hometown.




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