Crossword Answers - March 5, 2012

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1. CLANCY, 4. SINGER, 9. TROUNCE, 10. TOOTH, 11. OMAHA, 12.

ICEDOGS, 13. BLUE, 15. BODY, 18. TOM WATT, 21. MATCH, 23. CHEST, 24. RED DEER, 25. SEXTET and 26. LITTLE.


1. COTTON, 2. AROMA, 3. CAN NAME, 5. IS THE, 6. GOOD OLD, 7.

REHASH, 8. SEMI, 14. LEMIEUX, 15. BEMIDJI, 16. STICKS, 17. CHARGE, 19. AT THE, 20. TIRE and 22. TRENT.

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