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Cup finale left a lot to be desired

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It happened again. Although the NHL was very diligent in keeping the media and family off to the side after the Wings’ Cup win, the traditional skate around the entire ice with the Cup was not accomplished.

Instead we saw Wings players handing it off as if they were fashion models carrying it a few strides and returning back to center ice to hand it off.

The entire team won the Cup, they should pass it off as a team, while circling the entire ice surface.

It is a tradition that should he preserved and is a way to show the fans the trophy.

A bigger concern was the fact NBC showed the final on an 18-20 minute delay. Hockey Night in Canada was close to closing their broadcast, while NBC was still finishing the final seconds of play. Think this would happen in a Super Bowl, World Series, or NBA final game?

The sport of hockey will continue be considered a minor one until it respects itself enough to demand to be on live TV.

Bill Placzek, St. Petersburg