Cut NHL rosters down a few sizes

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You want more scoring in the NHL?

You want to see less goons and thuggery?

I've got an idea I think would work, but unfortunately you'll never see it happen.

Cut NHL rosters down to 20 players with only 17 dressing for each game. This would leave teams with only three forward lines. The superstars and better players in the NHL would be on the ice longer, creating more scoring and a more exciting game.

With only three forward lines, teams would get rid of the goons because they would be too much of a liability having to play more than just a few minutes a game.

I don't think this would necessarily cut down on the fighting that much though, which in my opinion is a good thing.

You would see more of the spontaneous, emotional fighting, which is way better anyway. I think this would work out great in the NHL, but the NHLPA would never allow it because of all the players that would be left without jobs.

Even if this would be better for the NHL and hockey in general.

Chris Silcox, Shelby, Ohio