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The Hockey News

The Hockey News

Status: NHL goaltender from 1972-1986 with Atlanta, Calgary, Quebec and Winnipeg. Currently serves as coach for the Life University hockey team in Atlanta.

Ht: 6-foot Wt: 190 pounds

DOB: Dec. 12, 1950 In: Val-d’Or, Quebec

Hockey Inspirations: "My uncle Roger (Gaudet) was a goalie, so I wanted to become a goalie."

First Hockey Memory:
"When I used to go to the hockey games at the outdoor rink in Val-d’Or when my dad (Marcel) played senior hockey. I was about four. I remember skating and going to watch hockey. I can still remember the outdoor rink, I can still smell the coffee in the cardboard cups. It's all vivid in my memory."

Nicknames: "‘Butch’ or ‘Bouch.’ "

Hobbies/Leisure Activities: "I love to play golf. Travel. On the ice, teaching kids and coaching."

Favorite Movies: "The Natural."

Last Book Read: "His Brain, Her Brain."

Favorite Arenas To Play: "My most successful was at Madison Square Garden. I had 19 games without a loss there so I kinda liked it the best. The two best to play were the Montreal Forum and Quebec Colisee. That was probably the most electric, you could feel the electricity. You could light a match there and it could light up - not because of the teams - it was because of the fans."

First Job: "Delivering orders for a grocery store in Montreal. On a bicycle. Prior to that, I caddied at a golf course."

First Car: "Was a Buick Skylark (cortez gold)."

Current Car:
"Mazda Millenia."

Greatest Sports Moment: "Was my Memorial Cup game in the Montreal Forum. I had 68 shots. Against the Montreal Junior Canadiens. They were a big powerhouse - 20 of 21 of their players got drafted - Rene Robert, Gilbert Perreault, Richard Martin, Moose Dupont. We won 5-3."

Most Painful Moment: "When I got hit with a one-timer by Ace Bailey and shattered the orbit of my eye. I had a fractured left eye socket. (Where?) It happened here in Atlanta."

Favorite Uniforms: "I think the nicest uniform I wore was the Sorel Black Hawks. I used to like the Chicago Blackhawks uniforms. We were the same colors as Chicago. The next one, the pro one is Atlanta Flames."

Closest NHL Friends: "Louis Sleigher, Tim Ecclestone."

Funniest Player Encountered: "Had to be Louis Sleigher. I could write a book on the guy. He was probably the most word-picture-oriented: 'Dry as a trout in a sand pit.' 'The deers were breaking their ankles in the chimney.' He was always giving one-liners like that. He always kept me entertained."

Toughest Competitor Encountered: "Would have to be Larry Robinson. I think he was always one of the best. The toughest competitor I've seen. And Terry O'Reilly."

Favorite Players To Watch: "Right now I like to watch Alexander Burmistrov in Atlanta. The 19-year-old. I really like to watch him play. I like Lecavalier, Stamkos, St-Louis. I like the speedy guys."

Funny Hockey Memory: "The trick that we played on the ice on Michel Plasse, who unfortunately passed away not long ago. The old rink in Washington, the Cap Center, was the first with the Jumbotron over the center ice. Behind the benches they had the lace to drape the towels behind the player bench. One of our players unlaced the lace and put it through the loop in the back of the uniform of our backup goalie, Michel Plasse. The cameraman was watching what was going on - our player was trying to lace the back of the pants, to tie the lace in there. He (the cameraman) showed it and everybody could see it on the Jumbotron. At one point I was talking to Plasse when I went to the bench on a delayed penalty, I was talking to keep him occupied and he was telling me about his playoff bonus. We were winning 8-1. Everybody saw what was happening except for Michel. Everybody stayed to watch what would happen. At the final buzzer I went to the penalty box and all the players followed. Michel Plasse jumped on the ice. When he got to the end of the rope, he got pulled back. Both feet flung forward. Everybody got a good laugh. They got their money's worth that night. I was wondering if it was on YouTube or if anyone has that video of it. You don't see things funny like that now."

Strangest Goal:
"That's a good one. I had a lot of those. Tommy Lysiak's goal when he returned after 17 games. It was rolling all the way from one end of the ice. I took my eye off the puck for a fraction of a second - Randy Moller was going left and I wanted to see if he was going back to the right - and the puck rolled over my stick and between my knees. That's when I learned every shot is dangerous - a potential goal. My mom was at the game with my wife. I looked at them and both were hiding their faces behind their fur."

Most Memorable Save: "Is probably the final game when we eliminated the Montreal Canadiens in 1982. Game 5. April 13, 1982. (Who shot it?) Larry Robinson. It was going in the top of the net. Some mythical force lifted me up off my knees and it nicked my shoulder and went over the net and we won the game and series. And I think the Canadiens finished with 40 points (Canadiens finished with 27 more points) than we did that year. That was the beginning of the bad blood."

People Qualities Most Admired:
"What I really like about people is patient people. I don't find there are many any more."

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