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Dangerous players must be banned

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I have been a hockey fan since I first heard about the game almost 50 years ago.

I played and coached. I was a referee and linesman. I was never a fighter, but did drop the gloves in a game when I felt it was necessary.

I love to see a good move, a great save and honest hard hits. Hockey is a violent game capable of great beauty and finesse, and that may be why it is such a wonderful game to watch.

I was a fan of the Philadelphia Flyers during their Stanley Cup seasons. Even the fighting done back then was enjoyed, although the bench clearing brawls and the ganging up I found to be disgusting.

That brings me to today. I have read the writings of a couple of knuckle draggers commenting on the Bergeron and Downie articles and I think those people who think it is OK to injure others intentionally (and lets not kid ourselves, that is exactly what these people are suggesting) should stop and look at themselves.

In a civilized society we have jails for thugs like these and let us all hope that we, or our children, do not have to put up with the unthinking, unfeeling, viciousness of these people who believe that it is fine to go outside the rules to intentionally hurt their fellow players.

We should feel sorry for those who are sick enough to want to hurt us, but also ban them from competition before someone is killed.


Peter Armstrong, Penticton