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Disciplinarian needs judicial experience

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The NHL is in need of a new disciplinarian.

Over the past few years the suspensions handed out haven’t had any consistency. The recent injury to Frans Nielsen leaves me wondering if Colin Campbell is the right man for his position.

You don't need 19 years in law enforcement to realize the punishment must fit the crime. Read any penal code and you will see an offense is based upon the damage it causes. It is both the act and the result of that act that determines the degree of punishment. Repeat offenders should also be given greater suspensions.

Campbell claims the Mottau hit was not malicious - OK I'll agree - and not a hit to the head (Mottau clearly reached out and fully extended his arm to hit Nielsen in the neck/head area.)

If Sidney Crosby was injured and forced to miss three months, what would the suspension be? 10 games? Maybe 20 games?

It's time for someone with law enforcement, criminal prosecution or judicial experience to take over this important job.

Right now it's nothing more than a Kangaroo Court.

James Webb, Plattekill N.Y.