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Domi says visit to family home that re-ignited divorce battle a misunderstanding

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Divorce proceedings involving the former Toronto Maple Leaf ignited a firestorm of controversy last week when it was revealed his wife, Leanne Domi, alleged Domi had an affair with Liberal MP and Magna heiress Belinda Stronach.

The media frenzy died down after the estranged couple reached a temporary settlement that included an agreement prohibiting unattended visits to the family home.

But the divorce proceedings were thrust back into the spotlight this week when Domi's wife entered new allegations into the court file - allegations he publicly acknowledged Tuesday.

"A misunderstanding with respect to ... parenting arrangements arose last Friday afternoon that has, regrettably, become new fodder for media coverage," reads a press release issued by the former hockey player's company, Tie Domi Enterprises.

"Mr. Domi regrets the confusion that arose... with respect to access to the children."

Leanne Domi's affidavit alleges that her husband arrived at the home "unannounced" Friday afternoon and met two of their three children after calling the family home repeatedly.

"It is clear that Tie Domi has no respect for orders of the court, and no intention to abide by the restraining order," reads the affidavit.

Leanne Domi also alleged her husband's sister, Trish Domi, warned her about the "power of Belinda Stronach and her father (auto parts magnate Frank Stronach) to ruin me and my lawyer."

The affidavit also alleges that the former hockey player has refused to disclose his financial records to his wife's lawyers.

Tie Domi's camp countered on Tuesday by saying his "hope is that this painful and private matter can be resolved as quickly as possible."

"Notwithstanding their other differences, Tie and Leanne place a shared priority on the achievement of a fair and final settlement that focuses, above all else, on the well being of their children."

In a statement issued last week, Belinda Stronach said that despite being named as the other woman in the divorce, Domi's marital troubles have nothing to do with her and any suggestions otherwise are "inaccurate and irresponsible."

In Leanne Domi's application for divorce, filed Sept. 18, she alleges her husband's "intimate sexual relationship" with Stronach caused their marriage to deteriorate as well as his relationship with their three children.