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Drew Doughty

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The Hockey News

The Hockey News

Status: Los Angeles Kings defenseman

Ht: 6-foot Wt: 212 pounds

DOB: Dec. 8, 1989 In: London, Ont.

First Hockey Memory: "I remember I was really, really young. I loved the game of hockey, but I wasn't very good. I remember looking up at the clock - I wasn't a good skater - and looking up at the clock, kinda wanting to get off the ice. Just because I couldn't keep up with the other guys. (How old were you?) Probably three. I started playing when I was really young, with the late birthday, so I was three years old."

Hockey Inspiration: "You know, I don't really know how I got into hockey. As a young kid, I guess my parents - I just picked up a stick and was playing in the basement all the time. And no one in my family had previously played, so, just watching it on TV. And the other kids in the neighborhood playing was kinda how I picked it up."

Nickname: "I've had ‘Doughnut’ before, ‘Dewey’ and obviously ‘Doughts.’"

Last Book Read: "Oh, that's a tough one...last book would have been wherever Grade 12 was. So maybe three years ago and I have no idea what it was called."

First Job: "Paperboy, some fliers in my hometown in London, Ontario."

Current Car: "Range Rover and Mercedes CLS63."

Greatest Sports Moment:
"Definitely winning the gold medal (2010 Olympics)."

Most Painful Moment: "Probably being defeated in the playoffs last year was probably one of the most painful moments just because we thought we had the team to beat that team and we didn't come through."

Most Memorable Goal: "My first ever goal in the NHL (vs. Colorado in 2008) was probably my most memorable. A goal I'll never forget. I remember like it was yesterday."

Favorite Sweater: "I like the Blackhawks uniforms a lot. I think they're really nice."

Favorite Arena To Play: "Probably Montreal."

Closest Hockey Friends: "I developed a lot of friends in junior, stuff like that. But definitely Wayne Simmonds, he was my roommate for two years, now he got traded. Definitely my best buddy in hockey."

Funniest Players Encountered: "We've got some funny ones on our team. Matt Green is funny. I'm trying to think who else...I'll just say Matt Green."

Toughest Competitors Encountered: "Sidney Crosby probably. Zach Parise. He competes really hard."

Embarrassing Hockey Memory: "I remember when I was really young coming out for the starting lineup kinda thing - barely able to skate out to the blueline. I guess you could throw that out there."

Favorite Sport Outside Hockey: "Soccer."

People Qualities Most Admired: "Just have a lot of fun, honesty, trust. And just straight shooters."

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