Emily Field drops teammates with great celebration after NWHL All-Star Game goal

Emily Field’s goal in the NWHL All-Star Game wasn’t highlight-reel material, but her celebration definitely was. Field, 22, had teammates surround her before they were all “blown up” by Field’s glove.
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The Hockey News

The Hockey News

The NHL All-Star Game is less than a week away and while the 3-on-3 tournament is sure to produce several highlight-reel goals, it’s going to be hard for any of the all-stars heading to Nashville to beat the celebration Team Pfalzer’s Emily Field busted out at the NWHL All-Star Game.

Field was the recipient of a nifty backhand pass with pressure on Team Knight’s goal and had the entire net to slip the puck into. After scoring, Field set up shop in the corner and started to take off her glove as teammates headed towards her. With her Team Pfalzer mates nearby, Field lobbed her glove into the air and waited for the glove, and those around her, to hit the ice:

That’s a great celebration and one Field, 22, must have been saving up this season. Through 13 games, Field has notched two goals and five points, but it was her first coordinated celebration of the campaign. We somehow doubt she’d pull this off in the middle of a game, but you never know.

Field’s marker was one of nine goals Emily Pfalzer’s squad scored in their 9-1 defeat over the opposition, Team Knight, which was led by Field’s Boston Pride teammate Hilary Knight.

The All-Star Game ended with the two teams shaking hands at center ice, as well as a pie to the face for Team Pflazer goaltender Brittany Ott from Team Knight netminder Brianne McLaughlin.

(Video via Nick Filipowski/Reddit)



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