England’s oldest team scraps Redskins name, unveils new RedHawks logo, jerseys

After more than 40 years being known as the Redskins, England’s Streatham IHC officially unveiled new jerseys bearing the new name and logo of the club.
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via Streatham IHC/RedHawks

via Streatham IHC/RedHawks

Streatham IHC has been a part of the English hockey scene since 1932 and has a long, storied history, but that doesn’t mean the club is afraid of change, especially if that change can be a progressive one.

In the years since the club has existed, it has seen both success and struggle, and there has also been the addition — and now removal — of an offensive moniker. 

Since 1974, Streatham has been known as the Redskins, a nickname the club admitted was American influenced and put to use “with the best of intentions as it (evoked) a sense of fierce warriors and was way before any negative or divisive connotations were associated with the name.”

However, as of March, the club announced that it would be moving away from the Redskins name. At the time of the announcement, the club said it was facing no pressure from any outside source to change their name, but rather were choosing to make the switch as “a progressive and forward looking team who want to attract new supporters, encourage more local kids to join our junior club and create a positive image for ice hockey within our great city.”

In a letter to fans at the time of the announcement, Streatham coach Warren Rost, whose history with the club included watching his father play for the team and later following in his footsteps, said that the team’s name shouldn’t matter.

“Change the name. Who cares about the name? It was never about the name it was always about the people,” Rost wrote. “That sums up where are with this. If we are to honour the people who went before us and protect that legacy then we need to change the name. The philosophy and values of the club will stay the same whatever the name of the team.”

So, as the season ended and the new year began, the Chicago Blackhawks-esque logos were removed from the jerseys of the parent club and its junior partners. And as of this past weekend, the team has introduced its new, supporter-selected RedHawks moniker.

Rick Webb/Streatham IHC

Rick Webb/Streatham IHC

The logo, which borrows a slight bit from the University of Miami (Ohio) RedHawks, adorned the club’s new warmup jerseys, which are set to be worn ahead of games but are swapped out for the club’s Streatham IHC wordmarked jerseys ahead of competition. The design was put together by Sarah Healy-Scully, who said it the new mark still helps signify the strengths of the team.

“With such a bold change, a homage to the clubs steeped history was really important, so choosing an emblem style logo gave us a retro classic image inspired by the past,” Healy-Scully said, per a Streatham release. “Associated with the Hawk are the notions of strength, speed, power and teamwork, all elements representative of the team we love and support.”

(Image via Rick Webb)

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