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Fantasy arena DJ: Chris Zasche of The Head and The Heart

Chris Zasche of the indie-folk group The Head and The Heart loves hockey and his hometown Seattle Thunderbirds. We asked him what he would spin if he got to pick the tunes at a game.
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The Hockey News

The Hockey News

When indie-folk outfit The Head and The Heart played on The Late Show with David Letterman recently, bass player Chris Zasche repped his hockey fandom and his hometown team by rocking a Seattle Thunderbirds jersey. Zasche loves going to the Western League team's games when he's not touring and the band got an official invite from the T-Birds after the Letterman gig. Though he didn't grow up in arenas, he's always enjoyed the sport.

"Street hockey in my neighborhood was the best," Zasche said. "I'd put on a catcher's mask and baseball glove and go in net."

Three years ago, he started skating out and playing in a men's league, which he continues to do to this day. He even has his gear with him on tour right now in case he finds some ice. During his time in New York last week, he even had time to catch the Islanders host the Edmonton Oilers.

So does Zasche think Seattle could land an NHL team one day?

"For a minute there (with Phoenix), it looked like it was going to happen," he said. "The Western Conference is down two teams right now. Seems like a premonition to me - expand the league and even it out."

With his bona fides established, we asked Chris what he would play if he was an arena DJ.

Home team scores: "Paper Planes," by M.I.A. - "I've got a bunch of songs I listen to before games. This is an awesome one, good pump-up song."

Fight between two heavyweights: "Turandot: Finale," by Giacoma Puccini - "That opera song from the final fight in 'Goon.' It's a gruesome battle and then this beautiful music comes in. So brilliant in the movie. That would be rad."

Visiting team penalty: "These Days" by Dr. Dog - "Really upbeat. I've been jamming on that lately."

Long break in the action: "Take it Easy," by The Eagles - "This was a Jackson Browne song. Kinda mellow; take it easy, you know?"

Home team wins: "Midnight City," by M83 - "That's a pretty good jam."