Flyers take simple approach to Stadium Series with black and orange jersey

The Philadelphia Flyers have unveiled their Stadium Series jerseys and are bringing a black uniform into the rotation for the first time in six seasons.
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via NHL

via NHL

Over the course of their 50-year history, the Philadelphia Flyers haven’t been all that adventurous when it comes to their on-ice style. The orange, white and black combination has been pieced together in nearly every imaginable way.

So to change things up for the upcoming Stadium Series tilt against the rival Pittsburgh Penguins, the Flyers have decided the best way to make the jerseys for the outdoor game feel unique was to get rid of the white altogether, going with a solid black and orange design that looks unlike anything the team has ever worn before.

At first blush, the jerseys seem too plain to really stand out or look all that impressive, but it doesn’t take long before the simplicity of the design makes it feel right. The very sparse use of white as a border for the numbers, logo and captaincy lettering helps to make those designs pop, and going with the black number on the black uniform helps keep the orange from feeling too overpowering.

The one feature that’s unique to these jerseys, too, is that the name bar finally goes a solid orange. On the Flyers’ normal road sweaters, players’ names are stitched onto a black bar, the home sweater has a white bar and the alternate uniform uses a cream color. The orange bar with the black lettering makes for a simple and clean look, though, and keeps with what is “a signature design feature” of the Flyers’ jersey.

Wearing the black jerseys won’t be a one-off for the Stadium Series, either. Beyond donning the duds for the Feb. 25 game against the Penguins, the Flyers plan to wear the jerseys again for the March 15 rematch against Pittsburgh.

The Stadium Series jerseys are the first black uniform the Flyers have had in the fold since the 2009-10 season. First introduced in 1997-98 as an alternate, the Flyers used a black primary sweater from 2001 to 2010. It was eventually replaced with the current orange home jersey to start the 2010-11 campaign.

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