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Following the NHL in England through THN

I play pro hockey in England, which often makes it difficult to closely follow the NHL.

Although I play the game for a living, I remain a huge NHL fan, which is why I've had THN sent to me from home on a monthly basis for the past two seasons.

I don't get to watch too many games over here, but THN has allowed me to keep my thumb on the pulse of the NHL. My teammates and I all look forward to the days when we show up at the rink for practice and there's a care package containing two or three issues waiting in my stall for us.

Of course I always get first dibs on them, especially the crossword section, but it's always a battle to see which one of the guys will get his hands on them next.

The Brits are usually right in the thick of it, fighting to nab one of the issues roaming around our locker room.

I wanted to thank THN for helping my teammates and I stay in tune with the NHL and getting us through our long road trips and airport waits.

Now, if I could only have a large double-double from Tim Horton's delivered along with each issue, playing overseas would be almost as good as playing back home in Canada.

The Sheffield Steelers love The Hockey News!

Randy Dagenais, Kapuskasing, Ont.



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