Frederik Andersen continues love of Lego with Batman mask

Frederik Andersen has a brand new mask for the 2015-16 season and it features a great combination of Batman, Lego and the Mighty Ducks logo. The Danish goaltender paid tribute to Lego with his last mask, as well, which featured a Lego figure building a brick wall.
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The Hockey News

The Hockey News

Frederik Andersen’s Lego mask was a hit this past season and the Anaheim Ducks netminder is paying tribute to the toy from his homeland again in 2015-16. For 2014-15, Andersen’s mask with the Ducks featured a Lego figure, fit with a goalie mask atop its head, building a brick wall. With a new season approaching, the Danish netminder clearly wanted to keep the same theme, but wanted to switch it up a bit. Enter Lego Duckman – the creation of DaveArt artist David Gunnarsson and a cross between Lego, Batman and the Ducks.

“Frederik Andersen is a huge Lego fan, just like me,” wrote Gunnarsson. “And since Frederik is from Denmark, just like Lego, Frederik wanted to pay tribute to the coolest toy ever. His Lego mask from last year was a huge success, and here comes the next chapter.” It seems Andersen is a big fan of the Disney Ducks logo, too. On his previous mask, also designed by DaveArt, the Lego figure had the Mighty Ducks logo on its chest and the opposite side of the mask featured the emblem. On his new mask, the Mighty Ducks logo, which appears on both sides, has been fitted with a Batman mask. If Andersen wants to lead a charge to bring that logo back, we’re on board. One of the staples of DaveArt masks, at least over the past season, is Glow Tech FX. The technology allows for the mask to light up when in the dark. One of the best examples of the Glow Tech FX is on

Tampa Bay Lightning netminder Ben Bishop’s mask, which, when the arena lights go out, is nearly fully illuminated by the glow in the dark paint. Thanks to Gunnarsson, Andersen will join Bishop and several other goaltenders who use Glow Tech FX in the NHL. Andersen’s new lid will feature the same technology and in a pretty unique way. When the lights dim, the eyes of the Lego Duckman, the moon behind the figure and the full-body figure on the chin all glow.

The Hockey News

The Hockey News


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