Gabriel Landeskog hits all three goal posts, but his shot went in

On Monday night, Philadelphia's Vincent Lecavalier took a shot that hit all three goal posts and rang out. You'd think that would be a rare occurrence, but the very next night Colorado's Gabriel Landeskog had the same thing happen, although his went in the net.
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The Hockey News

The Hockey News

We don’t have a recorded history of how many times players have hit both goal posts and the crossbar with a single shot, but it must be a rare occurrence.

Monday night, Philadelphia’s Vincent Lecavalier had a shot at a wide open net against Los Angeles’ Jonathan Quick, but didn’t convert as the puck clanged three times around the goal and kicked out. The Flyers ended up losing that game by a single goal.

So, the odds must have been heavily against that happening again any time soon. Except that it did happen again the very next night.

On Tuesday, Colorado played Nashville and trailed 2-0 in the first period. That’s when Gabriel Landeskog got a shot opportunity on Pekka Rinne. Landeskog’s shot also rang off all three goal posts…although his shot ended up on the red light side of the line.

NHL ’14 is becoming more real every day. It’s as if the virtual characters and their tendencies have come out of the screen and into real life, a la Last Action Hero.

That means the three-post shot won’t happen again this season, right?

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