Goalie ads not such a bad idea

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Every week, I look forward to purchasing The Hockey News to get up-to-date with all the current happenings in the NHL.

The one article that really stood out in this week’s issue was Adam Proteau's installment of "Proteau Type."

Not once before reading this article had I heard of placing ads on goaltenders jerseys. I must admit, at the start I was fuming at what I thought was a ridiculous idea and a desperate cry for help from the owners who only think about money.

As I read deeper into the article, it completely changed my perspective on the whole idea.

Corporate sponsors would pay the NHL to advertise their products, and in return, the NHL would get more exposure and the possibility of a much bigger fan base.

That’s not the best part, as the owners could invest quite a bit of money in youth hockey. More of the less-fortunate families could sign their children up to play.

The NHL gets more exposure and more children get the chance to play hockey. In the end, everybody wins.

David Campbell, Ingersoll, Ont.