Goalies are most important, so should get paid the most

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I had to respond to the article by Ken Campbell regarding overpaid goalies.

When a team's success relies so heavily on the performance of its goalie, how can you say they shouldn't make more than any other player on the team? They are the only player who is on the ice for the entire 60+ minutes of the game.

When there are 9,476,382 players ready to step in and play goal, the law of supply and demand would usually drive down the price (salary). However, when a vast majority of those players are goalies who, at the NHL level, couldn't stop the puck with a sheet of plywood, it doesn't matter how many are willing to take those spots.

Quality goaltending will always be in demand.

Just remember, Mr. Campbell, the law of supply and demand probably dictates that certain hockey sports writers are overpaid too.

Michael Hoolsema, Rudyard, Mich.


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