Green with envy

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I was very delighted to see Mike Green's face on the cover of the March 16 issue of The Hockey News.

Much respect is deserved to this young man, he has 27 goals this year despite missing 13 games with a shoulder injury and has 16 of them on the power play.

The thing that bothers me is everybody thinks he is in his prime but he is not even close at 23 years of age; he has another five or six more years until his prime and I am happy that Ken Campbell noticed that in his article (which was very well written).

In my opinion, Green’s game can improve. I think there is still another level in Green and by that I mean him pasing Paul Coffey for most goals by a defenseman in a single season.

Overall I loved the article about Mike and the whole issue. Good job, Ken.

Spencer Camus, Summerside, P.E.I.