Hall must honor Father Les Costello

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Bill Gaston Neily, Elmvale, Ont.

Thank you to Ken Campbell for his "The Flying Father" article in the Nov. 1 issue dedicated to Father Les Costello.

Not only was he a great ambassador for the game, but he was a genuine human being who worked tirelessly for the less fortunate. Mr. Campbell was correct, as there are many individuals who have been elected to The Hall, who upon further investigation do not deserve such an accolade. Why Father Les has been ignored is beyond belief.

I had the pleasure of skating against the Fathers in 1992 when I was playing college hockey at the Haileybury School of Mines for his good friend, another larger than life individual who loves the game, Carlo Cattarello.

We knew they would be good, but they simply toyed with the Provincial Champions, beating us easily, regardless of their entertaining antics.

The game will be etched in my memory forever as I scored the first goal of the contest, having to atone for my sins with a solemn ceremony at center ice that involved holy water and a pie in the face.

It is unfortunate that The Fathers no longer are able to continue with Father Les' legacy on the ice. Hopefully the Hall of Fame can do so posthumously and soon.

NHL hockey players still offer themselves to great causes all over the world and do so in much greater numbers than other professional sports. Father Les Costello was the ultimate example of this as he sacrificed what could have been a long and prosperous career to assist others.


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