Have shootouts before the game

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Mike Holmes, Gravenhurst, Ont.

I just read the "extra point leads to less” article by Jay Greenberg in the Yearbook.

Here's a slightly radical idea that may open the game at the end to keep the teams from playing for overtime. During the warm-up, prior to the game, let’s have a potentially meaningless shootout.

Bear with me here, both teams now know the outcome of the game if it goes to a shootout. Therefore, if you get to OT or are tied late in the third, obviously one team knows they need to turn it on.

This should lead to some pretty exciting finishes.

As well, this may get fans in the seats earlier and both teams get real practice at the shootout regularly.

Not to mention the players may be looser knowing the shootout is probably meaningless.

Perhaps you could even convince the announcers not to spoil it and they could still save the shootout for the end of the game on TV broadcasts.