Have Winter Classic in Moscow

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Since the Winter Classic there has been an ongoing debate on where the next one should be played. I have an idea that would not only shatter last year’s American T.V. ratings, but also be a game sure to gain international attention.

Although the NHL snubbed the hockey savvy Russians an opportunity to see their stars when the NHL opens the 2008 season, I believe the NHL can make it up to them in the form of the Winter Classic.

The next Winter Classic should feature the Washington Capitals and Pittsburgh Penguins facing off at the historic Red Square in Moscow.

Can you imagine the hype this game would create? Hockey's brightest star facing off with his ultra-talented Russian rival in hockey's purest form featuring two teams lined with Russian stars.

This game would be a true showcase of hockey; an event no one would ever forget.

Ted Abraham, Pittsburgh, Pa.



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