Henrik Sedin's answer to Jamie Benn & Tyler Seguin's inane comments: another reason the Sedins are hockey gems

Dallas Stars forwards Tyler Seguin and Jamie Benn made untoward, unjustified remarks about the Sedin Twins on a Dallas radio show Tuesday – and in the process, they embarrassed themselves, their team and the NHL. They owe the endlessly classy Sedins an apology as soon as possible.
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The Hockey News

The Hockey News

Dallas Stars fowards Tyler Seguin and Jamie Benn are two of the more talented hockey players in the world, but they embarrassed their franchise and the NHL Tuesday and owe Vancouver Canucks stars Henrik and Daniel Sedin an apology for untoward remarks made on a Texas radio show.

Benn and Seguin appeared on a Dallas sports talk radio show Tuesday and were discussing NHL players rooming on the road when, for some unexplained and indefensible reason, they decided to make rotten insinuations about the Sedins' relationship as brothers. (audio via TSN Radio Vancouver)

"Who knows what else (the Sedins) do together," said Benn, to the snickers of all the alleged adults in the room.

"Seriously," replied Seguin, momentarily losing all grasp of what the word "seriously" actually means.

"Dude, it's creepy," one of the hosts said, "In fact, it's a good example to future brothers in the NHL on how not to do things."

I've got news for everyone involved with that disgraceful exchange: you should be so lucky to have the Sedin Twins representing your team. The fact you would dare say they're the example of how two brothers shouldn't behave in the NHL is a giant flashing sign pointing out your colossal ignorance on the topic.

In 14 NHL seasons, not once have the Sedins been suspended. Not once – and Mr. "Seriously" Seguin should pay particular attention here – have either Sedin embarrassed their franchise with homophobic tweets or pictures of themselves getting loaded with the locals. They have been modern-day Jean Beliveaus – nearly regal in their aura, and certainly admirable in the way they've dealt with garbage throughout their careers.

The only thing "creepy" about the Sedins – in many ways, the best ambassadors Swedish hockey ever could have asked for – is the disgusting way they've been treated by know-nothings who couldn't summon up one-tenth of the class found in one of the hair follicles on one of Daniel or Henrik's head. To wit: here's how Henrik Sedin responded to the stupidity drizzling out of Dallas:

It sure does, Henrik.

Everybody gets that you're not supposed to like your opponents. But in this day and age – when the NHL has shown incredible strength in embracing the progressive angle and doing what they can to erase homophobia in sport – what Seguin and Benn said was not right.

I know one thing – Stars GM Jim Nill would never have said something so reprehensible. And his star players need to acknowledge how wrong they were as soon as possible.



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