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With Kevin Kennedy

Near where I grew up in Calgary, Alberta there was a lake that froze over in the winter right in the city. I remember pushing the chair around the ice and I guess that’s where it all got started for me. My mom played field hockey and my dad was always my coach growing up so I guess they both got me into hockey. They were really active and it was something that we could do as a family, which was really good. Having dad as your coach could’ve put added pressure on me, but I always felt lucky to have my father behind the bench. On the way home in the car my dad would give me advice. As the coach, he saw everything that happened, he was a positive criticism kind of guy which was good because I’d rather hear it from him than from a stranger.

As a kid I liked Al MacInnis because of his big slap shot and because he was on the Flames. I always tried to have the best slap shot and I always wore No. 2 in minor hockey. My best memory from playing hockey when I was young was when I played on a summer hockey team and we went to Minnesota for a tournament. I remember loading up the car and driving down and you’re in the hotel with all the guys fooling around. You get to play all these different teams you’ve never played before, which was awesome.

I’d say Kraft dinner was my standard pre-game meal when I was a kid. I’d maybe even throw in a few chicken nuggets for some protein. You know, you always think of pasta for a pre-game meal and the first thing that came to my mind was Kraft dinner.

The most prized possession I had when I was a kid was when I got the first Easton Synergy that came out. It was so expensive and I didn’t want it to break, so I remember there would be some nicks and scratches on it and I’d get the super glue out to make it last a couple more games. I babied that thing.

I always wanted to be a professional golfer when I was younger. I used to practice and play golf a lot. There was a time when I had to make a decision on whether to play hockey or golf and I was a little bit better at hockey and being from Canada it seemed like hockey was the way to go and here I am.



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