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Jets’ Scheifele, Stars’ Seguin have rock-paper-scissors duel to decide who leaves ice first

Two players with duelling superstitions sometimes need to find a resolution to their problem, and Mark Scheifele and Tyler Seguin decided to play a quick game for the right to leave warmup last.
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via TSN/YouTube/Samboke

via TSN/YouTube/Samboke

Athletes are creatures of habit. Whether it be dressing right to left, a special handshake or a must-have pre-game meal, a tradition or superstition that leads to a good game can become something a player follows for the duration of their career.

Sometimes, though, those habits can collide. 

Take Thursday night’s game between Dallas and Winnipeg, for instance, which featured a cross-ice standoff between Jets center Mark Scheifele and Stars center Tyler Seguin as the pre-game warmup came to an end. Both Scheifele and Seguin wanted to be the last player to leave the ice after warmup, so as Seguin took a knee next to the Stars’ exit and Scheifele stood waiting next to the Jets’ gate, the pair decided to do the only thing that made sense: rock-paper-scissors to decide who had to leave first.

Lest you think that was a best-of-three series, take another look. It took two draws before Scheifele could shake Seguin with a lethal scissors throw, booting Seguin off the ice for good.

It wasn’t just in the game of rock-paper-scissors that Scheifele got the last laugh, though. After the Jets suffered a 3-2 defeat at the hands of the Stars on Tuesday evening, Scheifele’s Winnipeg squad got their revenge Thursday with a 4-1 victory over their Central Division foe. 

That said, maybe Seguin won’t be so set on leaving the ice first next time, because though Dallas took the loss, Seguin scored the Stars’ lone goal with a blast on the power play.

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