Jordan Subban reacts to insensitive photo credit mistake

Vancouver prospect Jordan Subban responded to the insensitive photo caption that appeared on two Vancouver websites after he scored his first pre-season goal Tuesday night.
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The Hockey News

The Hockey News

As you probably know by now, Jordan Subban scored the first pre-season goal of his career Tuesday night - and it was on his first shot too. Unfortunately, that wasn't the story this morning.

The story was an unfortunate and insensitive caption on the photo of Subban celebrating with his teammates after he scored. The two websites that used it apologized for the slip up. Wednesday afternoon, Subban responded to the mistake.

From Ben Kuzma of the Vancouver Province:

“I heard about that,” said Subban. “I had a chance to talk to a representative from the paper and it seemed like a pretty honest mistake. Am I worried about it? No. If people should be talking about something, it should be the way I played last night rather than that. Hopefully, it will just die down.

“It was just unfortunate. I don’t think there were any bad intentions. It is what it is and I’ve moved on and I’m sure everyone else will, too.”

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