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Keep your opinion to yourself

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I would like to share my disappointment of NBC and their coverage of the Capitals-Rangers Game 6

With the exception of Mike Emrick, every other announcer was there as a Rangers fan, not as a professional announcer.

Their job is to announce the game unbiased and they did not even come close.

The Caps won 5-3, completely dominated the game and deserved a lot of credit, but fans watching only heard, "how fortunate the bounces were for Washington" or "what the Rangers need to do to come back."

With Alex Ovechkin on the ice in a nationally-televised game, they alienated a large fan base and not just in Washington.

I know New York is a large market, but I would bet Ovie's following is even larger. Not a good way to get higher ratings in the future.

David Lawlor, Indian Head, Md.