Las Vegas logo '95 percent' finished as unveiling quickly approaches

The hockey world is still waiting to know the identity and look of the NHL’s newest franchise, and Las Vegas expansion team owner Bill Foley said the process is nearing completion.
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Las Vegas expansion franchise owner Bill Foley’s initial goal was to have the team’s name, logo and colors ready for the Frozen Fury exhibition series at T-Mobile Arena ahead of the regular season. That would have allowed hockey fans to see, purchase and wear gear from the NHL’s newest club as the 2016-17 season began.

Getting prepared ahead of the exhibition games didn’t give Foley and Co. quite enough time to find exactly what they were looking for, though, so the unveiling got pushed back until Nov. 19, and has since been moved back further, this time to Nov. 22. As of right now, that’s the date the hockey world will know the official identity and look of the Las Vegas franchise.

While the logo and naming saga has drawn on much longer than anyone expected, Foley assured Sports Illustrated’s Alex Prewitt that the end is in sight

According to Prewitt, Foley and his staff have been settled on the name — which contains Knights — since August and Foley estimated the logo is ’95 percent’ of the way to the finished product. The same goes for the jerseys. That said, there’s one important step left in finalizing the jerseys, and Foley’s not afraid to throw out the possibility of another delay.

“We’re actually going to see the fabric and see the color schemes on fabric, as opposed to looking at them [online],” Foley told Prewitt. “If I have to delay again, I’ll delay, but I want to make sure we do it right, that we have a color scheme that people can identify with that will pop, that they can really see, when you go to that arena, it’s a sea of a color that resonates throughout the whole arena.”

According to Prewitt, the hold up with the jerseys sounds like it’s coming from the home uniform. The away jerseys are done, Prewitt reported, but the sweaters to be worn at T-Mobile Arena aren’t offering Foley exactly what he’s looking for. When Foley mentions pop, he seems to mean he’s looking for a color that really draws the eye in, and he said the base color of the uniforms was “recessive” the first two times he saw it.

What exactly the base color is supposed to be is unknown at this point, but that doesn’t mean Foley has kept fans completely in the dark when it comes to the look of the team. 

He has dropped some hints as to what fans should be expecting on the jerseys and told Sportsbook Radio’s Brian Blessing in October that the jerseys would feature some colors that play off of the environment in Nevada, with “red rocks” being mentioned as one such color fans might be able to expect. Foley has also mentioned a mesh-type look for the jersey, a clear play on the Knights name.

The wait is almost over, though, and the name, logo and jerseys appear to be on target for a late-November reveal — that is unless Foley decides there needs to be another delay.

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