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Leaked image shows Sharks bringing back original teal jersey for 25th anniversary season

The San Jose Sharks are going back to their roots for the franchise’s 25th anniversary. Three times in 2015-16, the Sharks will don heritage jerseys that are modernized versions of San Jose’s jerseys from their expansion season.
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The Hockey News

The Hockey News

The 2015-16 season will be the 25th in San Jose Sharks history, and to commemorate a quarter-century in the NHL, the Sharks are going “retro” this season. As part of the 25th anniversary celebration, the Sharks will be bringing back the teal jersey from their expansion season for use as an alternate sweater for . The Sharks aren’t calling the alternate sweater a throwback — the team is using the term, “Heritage Jersey” — but that’s exactly what this is. The Sharks’ original teal jersey was in use for seven seasons spanning from the club’s first season in the NHL, 1991, all the way until 1998, when the Sharks began to use rounded lines for their primary sweaters instead of the standard striping that is seen on many jerseys throughout the league.

It's nice to also see the return of the original logo, too. The Sharks haven't used the expansion-version shark-biting-stick crest since 2007, when the league switched to the Reebok Edge jerseys. For fans who have been cheering the Sharks on since the beginning, the 25th anniversary sweaters will help bring back memories such as the club’s first playoff series victory — a seven-game victory over the top-seeded Detroit Red Wings in the 1994 post-season. The original teal jerseys were worn by Sharks all-time greats such as Owen Nolan, Jeff Friesen and Patrick Marleau. For that reason alone, it’s nice to see the jerseys make a comeback. The Sharks will wear the heritage jerseys three times this season. The threads will make their on-ice debut on Nov. 3 against the Columbus Blue Jackets then be worn again Dec. 1 against the Pittsburgh Penguins and Jan. 18 when San Jose hosts the Ottawa Senators.

The Hockey News

The Hockey News



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