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Leave the game alone

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Jordan Philbert, Sherbrooke, Que.

After the two-day research and development camp in Toronto, all that comes to mind is the following: leave the game alone, please!

During the two days, the only good rule change would be the no-touch icing or the hybrid version of the icing rule.

Other than that they were ridiculous.

It makes no sense to change a game that is more than a 100 years old. It should keep the tradition. People learn to love the game with tradition, not drastic changes every three years.

What they should be focusing on is how to we make the game more entertaining to watch without implementing some ridiculous idea (such as new faceoff dots).

Take out the instigator rule, it’s useless. And find a way to keep the players protected without taking all kinds of hits out of the game.

Mr. Bettman, please no drastic changes to the game.

I would love to keep the NHL and hockey tradition for another hundred years.