Let the games begin!

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If there is any wonder why the NHL’s TV ratings are dropping all you have to do is look at the gap between the semifinals and final.

Both Pittsburgh and Detroit were finished their series by May 19, so why are we forced to sit a whole week without hockey? When the final starts, so many people will have almost forgotten they were even on.

Why couldn't they have started on Wednesday, May 21 and then play every two days?

I am excited for the Stanley Cup final, but this wait makes me wonder if I will still be as excited when it finally gets here. I say give the players a few days of rest and then get them back onto the ice while their emotions are still high and the cities are still buzzing over the latest victory.

The only reason I can see for implementing this break is to see how bad Crosby’s mustache can get.

Maybe Gillette should hire him as a spokesperson.

Terry Reimer, Peachland, B.C.



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