L'Heisenberg: Drug dealer busted for Montreal Canadiens meth

A Quebec-based drug dealer has been apprehended after a two-year chase. His main product: meth tablets shaped like the Montreal Canadiens logo.
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The Hockey News

The Hockey News

You clearly don't know who you're dealing with, so let Michel Emond clue you in. He is not in danger, you guys. Michel Emond IS the danger. A guy opens his door and gets shot, and you think that of him? No! Emond is the one who KNOCKS.

Mandatory comparisons out of the way, Emond's alleged jig is up. Police have apprehended the accused methamphetamine kingpin, 36, in Costa Rica after hunting him for two years. The charges indicate he ran the operation out of his home in Laval, Que. Really should've driven an RV deep into the Laurentians for his cook sessions, but I digress.

Where's the hockey hook? Look no further than the drugs themselves. The charges suggest Emond's trademark was to shape the tablets like the Montreal Canadiens logo. If the meth is pure enough, you could call it 'Et Le Blue.'

If we ignore for a moment this is a bad, bad crime and it's good news the police appear to have gotten their man: not a bad business decision to choose the Habs logo. It's a Quebec-based drug ring, and Montreal appeals to a wide market, as the Canadiens are an Original Six team but also a current Stanley Cup contender. Emond Industries (yep, I made that up) would've gone belly up long ago if it pushed Panthers meth to aging Snowbirds, for example.

If nothing else, this discovery could explain why message boards have such rabid Habs fans.

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