Lighten up Ovechkin

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Recently I was at a Bruins-Caps game in Boston, and Zdeno Chara knocked Alex Ovechkin's stick out of his hands, and it went up into the netting.

A fan went over and took it, and went back to his seat a hero, for a moment, until Ovechkin came over to the glass, and demanded his stick back.

The crew at the Garden had no choice but to track the fan down and retrieve the stick for cry-baby Ovechkin.

Why couldn't he just let the fan have it? It would've probably made the guy's day, or he could have sold it on eBay for thousands of dollars, but who cares?

Ovechkin then proceeded to use the stick on the next shift, before getting a new one.

Sometimes it's the small things that count, and, for whatever reason, Ovechkin just couldn't let this slide.

So, instead of Ovie gaining a fan, he just lost one.

Henry Downes, Tolland, Conn.