Loose Change: In memoriam

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The first step in coping with loss is accepting it.

Thursday's Obituary Notices

U.S.A. '06 - Team (nee Fattchantz). Finally succumbed to chronic heart failure while vacationing in Italy on February 22 2006 18:59 GMT. Loving great grandchild of Sam and Liberty. Distant relative to Gutz family of Lake Placid N.Y. Grandson to Hoodathunk family of Squaw Valley. Predeceased by sister who also passed suddenly last week while in Turin. Memorial services will be heldÂ… ah hell, who'd come anyways.

Canada '06 - Team (nee Doantglote). Died suddenly while on unplanned vacation in Italy on February 22 2006 22:00 GMT. Estranged Son to Gold family of Salt Lake City, Utah and Worldchampeon family of Toronto, Canada. Estranged Father to Mario, Steve, Mark and Gordie. Estranged Grandfather to Sidney, Dion, Jason and Eric. Distant relation to Hayley, Cassie and Jayna. Survived by 32 million grieving family members. Memorial Services will be held Sunday February 26 2006 at Sister of Pathetic Excuses, 1 Two Choke Road. Memorial to be closed casket at nation's request. Burial to take place at Drunk Lady of Our Sorrows Park. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to Amnesia Society of Canada.

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