Manny Fernandez's Fan Shootout answers

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What's the best save you've made in your career?

- Jason Parks, Columbus

Against Mario Lemieux in Pittsburgh. We lost 2-1. Someone took a shot from the corner and I had my paddle down, and it came to Mario. It's one of the only times I've gone backwards and it caught the back of my glove, and even Mario had his arms up.

If you could face any three players of all-time in a shootout, who would they be?

- Benji Noon, Turtleford, Sask.

Mario would be one, Wayne Gretzky, and my uncle (Wild coach Jacques Lemaire), that would be nice to see.

How do you work on your flexibility?

- Tammo Lotz, Ulrichstein, Ger.

Knock on wood, I've been blessed, I haven't had to work at it too much.

What kinds of off-ice exercises should a young goalie do at home?

- Dirk Christensen, Pleasanton, Calif.

Get to know your goal, get to know your area. I'm always moving from side to side.

Does the trade deadline change a team's mood in the dressing room?

- Jamie Willis, Seattle, Wash.

A lot of guys are focused on the game, but everybody understands that everybody can be traded and it's part of the job. We're all ready mentally for something like that to happen.

How safe do you think having all those 5-on-3 power plays this year is for a goalie?

- Blake Moore, Sioux Lookout, Ont.

It's been challenging. If you can get away with it, that becomes really big in a game. Just recently we've tried them in practice to get ready for them. Those are tough, because you get a couple shots, a couple of rebounds and you're done.

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